“The Theatre Of Making Something Happen” – American Theatre

I want to confess I don’t screen my calls…

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“She Got So Old” – O The Oprah Magazine

THE ACTRESS COMES ON THE screen. Her face fills the frame. Someone in the audience gasps, “She got so old!” As if it were a crime. As if she’d gone out in her pajamas or had food in her teeth. As if she’d done it purposely to affront us. She completely let herself get old. I mean, she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to. 

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“Scenes from a Best Friendship” – O The Oprah Magazine

For more than 30 years of ups, downs, marriages, kids, divorce, acclaim, rejection, and one scary illness, Susan Miller (a playwright who sometimes performs) and Kathryn Grody (an actor who sometimes writes) have been laughing, arguing, teasing, advising, encouraging pulling each other up short, and keeping each other going. Here they take turns answering the question, What are friends for? . . .

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Conversations with My Son – Ms. Magazine

I call my son. “What does this mean? You’re a man. Is this something you understand?”


There’s a certain way he says “Mom” that means whatever I want to talk about, he doesn’t.

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“Lesley Gore, Out There On Her Own” – Curve Magazine

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curve magazine

“13 Questions ” – Bark Magazine

Lately, I’ve been interviewing dogs. One thing I’ve learned about dogs. They don’t like to be interviewed.

“13 Questions “

HOWL: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit ” by Crown Books

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barkcover-185 howl

Field Notes From A Map of Doubt and Rescue” – The Dramatist

I write this from the road, where I’m touring the readings, workshops, short lists, cancelled productions, and award ceremonies of my unproduced play, A Map of Doubt and Rescue. I’ve been on the tour for five years. 

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“Playing Susan” – American Theatre

I come out dancing. It’s our first time together – the first thing the audience will know about the character in this play they think is about cancer. And the first thing I’ll know about how it’s going to be with the audience – the other character in this one-person play…

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“Casting Myself” – HowlRound

It could have been the night I saw a writer go naked on stage—the idea of casting myself.


“Weaving A Webseries – DOT429 Magazine

In a tightrope walking kind of way, my field IS change.


“Her Left Breast” – Girlfriends

I never wanted to write about breast cancer. I’m a playwright. I write characters. Flawed, funny, afflicted. They’re foolish for someone. They long for something beyond their grasp. They reach for it anyhow. They lose ground. They rise and fall…

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